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Hearts. Minds. Stories
"One day the stories we read about kindness will be our own."

The "Why" 

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Students are struggling with learning loss, and reading skills are at an all-time low. The impact on childhood trauma has increased and continues to rise. Anxiety and depression rates are increasing everyday, and reading proficiency skills are steadily decreasing in communities, and especially communities of color. Bearapy is on a mission to provide students with books, bears, tutoring and therapy. 


Our work is embedded with skills and resources from art therapists and dyslexia therapists. We provide intervention and enrichment opportunities to students both onsite and virtually. We have a vision to support the whole child. The books in our self-care libraries are designed with stories that are unique, inspiring, and sure to help your students connect to positive health and wellness.

Forever Furry Friends Stuffed

Since 2020, 

Books added to children's home libraries

Since 2020, 

Corporate Sponsorships committed to scaling the work 

Since 2020, 

*updated monthly*
*updated monthly*
*updated monthly*
"Make a Difference!"
"Share a story"

Your monetary contributions help us provide dyslexia therapy and reading tutoring to students across the country. Every donation goes towards the creation of a forever buddy, or new book. 

Our fans need fans, so we need you to spread the love. If you would like to be a part of this work, follow our efforts on social media and share with the world. 

Our mission is to heal the heart and mind through books and bears, one child at a time.

We envision the day where the stories we read about kindness will be our own.

Annual Fundraiser
"Save the Date"
April 29th, 2023
"Tables, Tails, and Tales"
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