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Our mission is to heal the heart and mind through books and bears, one child at a time.

Forever Furry Friends Stuffed

Since 2020, 

Books added to children's home libraries

Since 2020, 

Corporate Sponsorships committed to scaling the work 

Since 2020, 

CEO and Founder

Our founder, Kanesha Adams is an educator, change agent, and advocate. She has been serving her community, state and country for many years. As a former elementary educator, Kanesha was very intentional about choosing activities that supported the social and emotional well-being of her students. While working in a rural community, she learned that the trauma many students live with is often never discussed, treated, or dealt with. She would design safe spaces in her classroom for students to vent and release. She was also adamant about finding culturally-relevant stories, that would help students express themselves, and craft their own narratives. 

In February 2020, Kanesha lost her sister, her only sibling, and became what she coins as a "Momtie" and books and bears, stories and comfort became all she knew to help her get through this tragedy. Kanesha learned that she had to create a solution to support students in and out of school, who are dealing with academic and emotional trauma, because she needed it too. In April 2020, Kanesha birthered "Bearapy" by using books and bears for her nieces 3 year old birthday party, where all the guest stuffed mini horses. 

She is excited to continue to work of building bears and giving books, through the lens of tutoring and therapy.

Kanesha Adams, Visionary
M.S. Educational Psychology
M.Ed. Educational Leadership

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